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Automation for Instrumentation provides customized automation solutions using computer controlled

  • Image Processing

  • Instruments

  • Stages and Motion Controllers

  • Distributed I/O

  • Robots

Our goal is to automate tasks to do them better, faster, and cheaper.

Automation for Instrumentation is a System Integrator, using equipment from a variety of vendors to create a system that solves your problem.  A high level of expertise in software development allows us to coordinate the behavior of the various components used in a system. Don McCune

Automation for Instrumentation provides consulting services.  We are flexible enough to work with existing equipment, work with an in-house team on a large project, or work on small projects.

Automation for instrumentation is located in San Luis Obipso County, half way between Los Angeles and Silicone Valley.  Our customers are in the San Francisco Bay area, Silicone Valley, Southern California, the mid-West, the East Coast, and Europe.

Don McCune, Automation Engineer -- Don has been controlling instruments with computers since 1983 when he worked at the L.A. County hospital.  After that, he automated Spectrometers and laboratory equipment for ARL, now Thermo Electron.  At Strasbaugh, he wrote the software to control a silicone wafer processing machine.  Newport Corporation hired Don to lead the Autobar program for laser diode testing.  In 2001, Don founded Automation for Instrumentation, a consulting company dedicated to Automation projects.




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